DSD Constructor

(building SDMX structures made simple)

What is the DSD Constructor?

The “Constructor” is a very simple, standalone tool, which is able to create and edit DSDs and their related artefacts (i.e. concept schemes and code lists) in order to generate a DSD which fits your needs and can be used, for example, by SMART to obtain the output dataset as required.

It can grab concepts and associated code lists from any SDMX registry, from a file or creating them from scratch. It is also possible to edit an existing DSD and save it with a different id after making some changes.


You can download and install the latest version of the tool or learn more.

Quick Start

This will guide you through the basics so that you can quickly start using the DSD Contructor.

Change Log

New features and bug fixing are updated in Change Log for successive new releases.